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Reverse Engineering | Good, Better, Best  - Spring 2021

Ring-Fit Adventure is a popular and approachable Nintendo Switch fitness game that became widely sought after due to Covid-19. It provided a fun and approachable way for people to be active while staying at home.


However, the Ring-Fit only targets a few specific muscle groups and is limited by its form, meaning it can only be used in particular ways. The live feedback and coaching is also quite rudimentary, which can hinder the user's fitness journey and even cause injury if a major form issue is not corrected. 

How can I maintain the same approachability of the Ring-Fit while creating a more rounded and wholistic fitness tool that encourages growth and proper form?

Research Walk-Through

Initial Ideation

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I still tried to stay within the Nintendo Switch / Ring-Fit aesthetic and brand language. I also tried to keep the product approachable and digestable for users. By adding a balance board, reminiscent of the Wii Balance board, I introduced more strength training opportunity as well as more statistics and feedback. 

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