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Small Space Composting - Spring 2021

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Composting is a complex chemical process which turns organic material into usable, high nutrient supplement for gardens.


It prevents organic material from improperly disposing in landfills (anaerobically) which emits harmful green house gases. It is an incredibly important process, but is not common practice. 


36% of landfill waste, or 55 million tons, is organic compostable material.

Many urban-dwelling young adults do not have the time, space, or knowledge to commit to traditional composting (Statista, 2017). 

Based on my survey of college-age students and young adults (age 18 - 26), 33% had composted before but don’t currently due to location and time, and 45% have never composted before, but were open to the idea of composting. 

How can I get young, urban dwelling adults to compost their food scraps?

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Electric kitchen composting is the perfect solution for urban dwellers who want something simple-to-use, odorless, and compact with a quick turn-aroundElectric composting takes around 48 hours, whereas traditional composting can take up to 6 months to a year. 

Electric composting doesn't create traditional compost, but it acts very similarly. It results in a fine powder substance that is high in nutrients and can be added directly to soil in gardens or houseplants.

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Charcoal Filter



Chamber 1

Chamber 2

Compost Caddy



Charcoal Filter prevents odors from emitting from scrap receptacle

Scrap Receptacle allows for food scrap storage while composting is in process

Chamber 1 heats food scraps to a temp of 106°F in order to kill pathogens and sterilize material

Chamber 2 grinds contents into powder-like high nutrient particles

Compost Caddy allows for easy distribution of the cooled compost material into your garden

Injection Molded Polyethylene,  Hot Rolled and Annealed Stainless Steel, Galvanized Steel, Activated Charcoal