Light Therapy Device - Spring 2019

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Living in the suburbs of Chicago, I have a lot of commuting men and women in my life. Many of them have early departures and return home late in the evenings. Many have also reported that they were negatively affected -at the workplace and at home - by their commutes.

How can I design a light therapy device for a commuter?

Deidre Ryan, 52


lives with S.A.D., and generalized anxiety, both worsened by her sunless commutes.  When she takes the train, she leaves before sunrise, and returns home long after sunset. She gets minimal natural light during her day. 

Richard McDonall, 58


lives with S.A.D. and commutes by train for about 45 minutes daily during the week. Often leaves just as the sun is rising and gets home around sunset. Also gets very limited light during the day and has no space or time for a light therapy device. 

CHIARO is a multi-use, transportable light therapy device for mood disorders and Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.). It is designed around the typical commuter - It’s sleek, interchangeable design allows for easy access to the light therapy you need. Bright, re-energizing LED’s on-the-go! 


The book attachment directs the LED light directly into the user's eyes, which is the most effective light therapy exposure. The desk stand attachment is a space-efficient way to get in light therapy session at work as well! 

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CHIARO provides early morning exposure, 30 to 40 minute sessions, and direct blue-LED light exposure to face and eyes which is optimal for light therapy sessions (Glickman, Byrne, et al., 2006).

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