Scent + Memory Diffuser - Fall 2020

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Memory is precious.

How do I preserve it?


Memories of family, adventure, and childhood road trips - especially our family excursions to countless National Parks. They were magical times of serenity, togetherness, and unforgettable sights. 

Memory is best triggered by specific scents. This is called Olfactory Memory. Can I preserve special moments, through scents that are associated with a specific time or place? Can I could immerse a home with memory? 

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People cherish memories like nothing else. Humans go to many lengths to try to preserve those memories: piles of grandparent’s pictures are stored in attics, scrapbooks are updated religiously by family members, home videos are shared amongst friends.

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Essential Oil Subscription Service 

Customizable, made-upon-request scents 


Shipped to your doorstep


Saved + Refillable