Klein Floor Lamp

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Sponsored Project with LumiSource - Fall 2019

LumiSource, a Chicago-based furniture design supplier gave us guidance on our project. We were prompted to design a piece of furniture that fit within their three design styles: Industrial, Modern, and Mid-Century and that fit seamlessly into their catalog.


Not only did we focus on design, but also on the KD, or “knock-down” of the piece, making the most efficient use of space possible when shipping the piece out. 

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An opportunity I found in Lumisource’s catalogue was their lack of mid-century style floor lamps. I explored the retro, organic style and came up with potential forms which would fit into their catalogue. 

I wanted to create accent lighting, either with fun, funky stands or unique shades, but still wanted to remain neutral color-wise so that the lamp would compliment other

mid-century furniture. 

Assembly Instructions

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HUBER Assembly Instructions Parts Sepera

K-D / "Knockdown"

24" x 15" x 4"

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I created a mock up of packaging and potential knock-down for my lamp. My biggest concern was the drum shade, as that was the largest piece. Typically, Lumisource ships the shade separately, but I wanted to attempt to create a box that allowed everything to ship together. 

3 - Basic SANS LIGHT.65.png




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Website Mock-Up

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